Planting of Chinese medicinal materials

The company established the small-leaf figs planting base in Huazhou, Guangdong in 1999 as its main source and planting base for local Chinese medicinal materials. With well-established infrastructures made available, professional talents conducted cultivation, management and organic planting in strict accordance with national GAP planting standards for Chinese medicinal materials in order to guarantee the source of Chinese medicinal materials.

The company established the small-leaf fig and pithecellobium seed base in Wen’an County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the GDP standardization base of the small-leaf fig and pithecellobium in Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province, locations with satisfactory natural resources of Chinese medicinal materials. Moreover, the company encouraged local farmers to plant small-leaf fig and pithecellobium according to GAP standards via the "company + cooperative + farmers" method. The green pithecellobium and small-leaf fig produced from the base has laid a foundation for the product safety and guaranteed the high-quality raw materials for the Company’s development.

Extraction of Chinese medicinal materials

The company established the extraction and purification base for Chinese medicinal materials in 2008, which covers more than 100 mu and includes a factory building of 45,000 square meters. Thanks to sophisticated production equipment imported from abroad that can support highly automatic operations, it is China’s largest modern extraction base for traditional Chinese medicine and features advanced technology and well-equipped facilities

Production of bio-organic fertilizer

In 2012, the company established the production base of bio-organic fertilizers. With medicine dregs following the extraction of Chinese medicinal materials used as raw materials, the company introduced the advanced production technology to produce the plants-friendly bio-organic fertilizers through the secondary use of microbes as catalysts. This not only solved the problem of proper disposal of medicine dregs and played a significant role in environmental protection – it also achieved the mutual support and coordinated development among industry chains. After the dregs of traditional Chinese medicine are used to produce bio-organic fertilizers, the bio-organic fertilizers can be applied to the planting of Chinese medicinal materials and the agricultural production. Along with the planting of GAP Chinese medicinal materials and the extraction and production of GMP traditional Chinese medicine, they created a green-cycle industry chain, guaranteeing the company’s sustainable development.

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