Short-term goals

Create and develop the green-cycle industry chain incorporating the best features of “Yili Pharmaceutical.”

Complete construction of Guangzhou Economic HQ for “Yili Pharmaceutical” to build a larger-scale platform for the Company’s development.

Promote the listing of “Yili Pharmaceutical” in the stock market and build a larger and stronger company through the elevation, M&A and integration of the traditional medicine industry.

Mid-term goals

Implement the operation as a modern enterprise and develop into a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise with the integrated business of R&D, manufacturing, operation and logistics of traditional Chinese medicine.

Complete the overall transformation of the Company’s Sihui production facility, achieve the industrial upgrading and explore a new diversified development model.

Long-term goal

With the pharmaceutical industry as its core, the company will explore the real estate, resources-based industry and capital market when its pharmaceutical business has grown larger and stronger.

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